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Lorem ipsum

2007-08-09 16:23:19 by TarThoron

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Quisque malesuada pretium velit. Etiam non neque. Cras non neque in justo accumsan feugiat. Etiam porta aliquam turpis. Mauris in ante. Sed tempus. Phasellus non orci. Maecenas mollis, turpis eget aliquam auctor, nisi ante lobortis odio, sit amet varius ligula turpis vitae purus. Duis elit tortor, consequat vitae, facilisis nec, fermentum non, ante. Praesent velit. Etiam et nunc in sapien imperdiet interdum. Morbi ut lectus a lacus euismod auctor. Duis lobortis eleifend nunc. Phasellus magna. Mauris luctus, magna commodo convallis imperdiet, ante neque porta massa, ac interdum magna justo sed eros. Aliquam erat volutpat.

Curabitur posuere metus sit amet lorem. Aenean risus nisi, posuere vel, eleifend scelerisque, interdum at, odio. Mauris a est. Quisque sollicitudin lacus in odio. Vestibulum ac neque. Nunc at pede. Mauris facilisis, odio et consequat consequat, neque lorem nonummy leo, id rutrum turpis dolor quis odio. Fusce nec purus quis orci molestie blandit. Phasellus metus nisl, molestie ut, egestas id, dapibus eget, erat. Etiam aliquam. Maecenas euismod fermentum arcu. Suspendisse justo augue, lobortis auctor, feugiat sed, cursus et, mauris.

Aliquam semper nisl venenatis dui. Mauris porta. Aliquam ultricies. Quisque elit massa, condimentum non, mattis vel, convallis ut, elit. Mauris mauris. Nullam porttitor, massa in tincidunt mollis, purus sem mollis magna, et laoreet nisi velit a diam. Aenean eget lorem in elit tincidunt mattis. Integer viverra mi a elit. Phasellus sapien orci, dictum ut, condimentum ac, vestibulum id, erat. Nunc felis nibh, sollicitudin eget, auctor id, tempor eu, eros. Proin mollis ultricies lectus. Nulla feugiat, augue sed lobortis bibendum, nibh leo adipiscing magna, tempor blandit nunc ante nec sem. Morbi sit amet lorem.


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2007-08-28 18:37:25

well put.

TarThoron responds:

No doubt.


2007-09-14 08:14:29

uh what

TarThoron responds:

you heard me


2007-09-15 11:03:08

hahaha thats awesome - go non-copyrighted filler text! :P

TarThoron responds:

Rock On!

Love your music.


2007-10-27 16:51:14

Ego sum fatuus.

TarThoron responds:

Good to hear. Fools of the world, unite!


2007-11-09 21:19:45

delicious default text

also, hi tar

TarThoron responds:

Hey look! It's a ninj.....Where'd he go?


2008-06-29 01:28:42

Non intellego. Get off your butt and create a sidekick for Big Justice you slacker!

TarThoron responds:

If it makes you feel better, your comment made me dust off the file and draw a couple more lines. However, I've had a change of heart regarding the personality of the sidekick: s/he was originally going to match BJ in goofy cheer, and the character frame I started had him/her (never fully decided) upside down in a one-handed hand stand. Now I'm thinking someone darker, more grounded (in a "piss me off and I'll kill you" type of way), with a big ass gun, and I'm getting a definite female vibe. The biker chick Femme Fatale that has become rather popular to FPS games like Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, and Perfect Dark, to name but a few.


2008-07-17 03:57:47

After listening to your sermon in Latin, father... I have a confession to make.

I have committed blasphemy. I have acted in a heretical manner. I have... (gasp)... sinned. And... and... IT WAS ALL YOUR IDEA. (sob)

(psst.... see my profile for the hot, steamy details)